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Julie Katt is an SMC® CEI Level 2 instructor in Overland Park, Kansas.

meet Julie Katt

A Certified Exercise Instructor in Level 2, she is also certified in yoga and a Young Living® Essential Oils Brand Member. Julie loves to help people get out of pain and experience the freedom to move without fear. She enjoys teaching others how they can retrain their nerves to release chronic muscle tension giving them the knowledge they can use on their own.

Julie has had a lifetime of back issues beginning with a traumatic fall down a flight of stairs at the young age of 4 years old. Throughout her life her lack of flexibility due to chronic muscle contraction around her spine prevented her from chasing her adventurous dreams of excelling in gymnastics, ballet, and even competing to the level she’d desired in ballroom dancing. Despite her attempts with various chiropractors and other healing modalities, at 50 years old, she was once again experiencing shooting pain from herniated discs to the point of not being able to work a full day. Julie was told she would eventually need surgery and for short-term solutions, drugs were recommended. She found this unacceptable and sought to find natural ways to heal her body.

Clinical Somatics is a process of retraining the nervous system to release involuntary muscle tension and relieve pain by retraining damaging posture and movement patterns. It took less than a month to get out of the pain Julie was feeling. She was climbing rocky trails in the Ozark mountains a month after her first session! She finally felt the freedom to do anything physical without fear or anxiety of how it would affect her later. She knew she had the knowledge to free herself of pain, which was now less frequent since she had created a daily routine of addressing any tightness.

Julie offers group classes in Overland Park and the greater Kansas City area and private Clinical Somatics movement instruction in person and online. She is also available for workshops (2-hours) locally, as well as nationally. She combines somatics with health consultation by recommending specific powerful remedies of essential oils and nutritionals during intake and ongoing consultation. Julie also offers chair classes and private chair sessions for those unable to lie on a mat.

Julie’s specialties are in: sciatica, scoliosis, piriformis syndrome, disc problems, headaches, neck, back, and shoulder tightness, as well as neurological issues.

Julie has experience in teaching from her days of teaching ballet, tap and jazz dance to children and dance teams. She is passionate about teaching others how to feel better throughout their bodies, recover from chronic tension, and how to live without fear of pain so they can chase their own adventures.